KittyKat Tracker

This project is a challenge to my self.

And test my capacity to electronic and software development.

And this is all for fun, i try to do this things in my spare time.

Already exists this type device and for learning let me try to develop one.

Project have different parts and some decisions to make.

KittyKat Gateway

WiFi, ISM Module, BLE, GSM, Ethernet - for Communications.

Micro USB for programming and debugging.

Micro SD Card for logging.

KittyKat Unit

ISM Module, BLE, GSM - for communications.

GSM with or without external antenna.

9 axis IMU

GPS with or without external antenna.


KittyKat GPS Breakout

(insert schematic image)

(insert pcb image)

(insert startup code)

(link to how set development environment)

(insert reference to github)