From Eagle CAD to SketchUp using eagleUp.

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Import 3D Files to Sketchup

.step files -> open FreeCAD -> convert to .stl or .dae files

Inside Sketchup import .stl or .dae

Select the complete, then "Soften Edges and Color".

Right-click on it: Soften / Smoothen Edges

Tick the Smoothen Coplanar checkbox

Add Colors,

Plug color: 255 251 232

Black color: 56 56 56

Purple color: 102 40 144

0x662890 traces: 0x9E3DE1

Gold color: 248 193 108

Import 3D Files to 123D Design

.step files can be directly imported

Other Tutorials

3D Tutorial: http://eagleup.wordpress.com/2011/08/09/import-step-files-for-your-models/

STL Export: http://www.guitar-list.com/download-software/convert-sketchup-skp-files-dxf-or-stl

3D CAD Export: http://www.iheartrobotics.com/2009/04/ecad-vs-mcad-round-1-fight.html